Battle in the sky

Hopefully the title caught your attention and you didn't think it was an intro to a star trek episode !

I started my cloud journey in 2016 as an Office 365 business productivity advisor working on helping SME’S migrate their disks and tapes to this imaginary concept called the cloud. I remember this being particularly hard because not only did I have to explain why it was called the cloud , I had to explain the benefits of hosting delicate company info in a location that wasn't onsite.

For many years companies would keep their data locked away in downstairs…

  • 14.04.2020
  • Azure Ai
  • Y.Taylor
  • London UK


Hey Beautiful people! Due to popular demand, I have created a document which will guide you to become a Dev Ops God/Goddess !

So how did I get here…

I only started to attract money after my spiritual awakening . I got closer to God and left the matrix and the finances and opportunities came .The main aim is not only financial freedom, but spiritual freedom also.Money is key

So before you read on , let’s get to the actual meaning of what Dev Ops actually is !

SO initially Dev Ops was…

Yasmin Taylor

Senior Site reliability engineer, cloud enthusiast , Sci fi fan , Woman in tech :D

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